What Sets Us Apart

Helping Smiles Grow Big and Strong!

At Dr. James Pediatric Dentistry each child is cared for like a family member.

As you and your little one step through our doors and are warmly greeted, you’ll immediately know you’re in the right place. Ours is a welcoming and friendly practice that’s designed to engage and entertain, so children feel safe and at home.

For Dr. Laji James and our team, nothing is more rewarding than earning a child’s trust and setting them on the path to a lifetime of beautiful healthy smiles!

Our Approach to Children’s Dentistry

“For a significant amount of people, dentistry is an unpleasant part of their lives. I believe that starts in childhood through less than ideal experiences and unhealthy teeth and gums. Through positive experiences and dentistry focused on prevention of disease, we can all have more optimistic feelings about going to the dentist. We try to make all patient experiences positive and teach them how to properly take care of their health.”
– Dr. James

Dr. James believes that dentistry for the infant, child, adolescent, and those with special healthcare needs, should be focused on the prevention of dental disease. This is achieved through education on oral hygiene and nutrition and a coordinated approach between families and the dental team.

Dr. James and our staff make dental visits positive experiences for youngsters with a unique combination of patience, fun, and teaching. In this way, we help smiles grow big and strong!

Why Choose Dr. James Pediatric Dentistry?

  • Our Doctor: Dr. James has practiced pediatric dentistry for almost two decades and is board certified. He stays at the forefront of the latest developments in the specialty through continuing education and incorporating proven, conservative advancements into the practice. With his extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of pediatric dentistry, along with his warmth and kindness, Dr. James provides every child with a painless and smile-filled experience!
  • Our Team: Our experienced, professional staff members dedicated their careers to helping children, treating each young patient with the greatest kindness and compassion. They are always available to answer a parent’s questions, comfort and encourage a worried little one, and to share plenty of jokes and laughter!
  • Our Atmosphere: As we see only infants, children, teens, and youth with special needs, we have designed our office to be a kid-friendly and fun space. With a play area, train table, video games, and iPads to entertain, lots of times our patients don’t want to leave!

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A child’s early experiences have a lasting impact on their feelings about dentistry. It is crucial that your little one has positive, painless care, so they grow up feeling at ease in the dental environment.

Dr. James and our team will provide those experiences, helping your child’s smile grow big and strong! Please contact our Houston, TX children’s dental office to learn more and schedule a visit today!

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